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Dream of learning the advanced level skydiving? You have come to the best platform to know where to start your training. Now, fly in the open sky without your wings. Get benefits from our safety-oriented course.


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Wonderful training- friendly instructor- Both these things get combined to make your moments filled with fun. You will have a different feel from it. Learn the parachuting and skydiving- the adventurous activities.

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There is no risk in parachuting, as the system opens automatically with the static line, remains fitted to aircraft. Fly with parachute and then land its canopy in your own way. We help you to learn the parachuting technique. What you need are-

  • Dedication 100%
  • Interest100%


Skydiving is one of the weather sensitive activities. We help you in learning every tactic to enjoy safe skydiving. Although it takes little more time to become a skilful skydiver, you would surely be successful. The major requirements for skydiving are-


Parachuting training session

We not only provide you with practical training but also impact theoretical training. We make you familiar to various parts of a parachute. We help you to check out those parts and assemble them to the system. What’s more, you will know the way to identify the best airfield for parachuting

Our professionals will also instruct you on the right body position. This is one of the safety steps for parachuting. You can easily deal with the emergencies.


Remove your fears

We are going to train you with the most daring and adventurous sports activities in this world. Never thing of your age as the bar to this training. We love helping the young ones and the novices. You would be ready to enjoy these activities wherever you travel in this world.

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Parachute Trainers

We have our best 17 trainers who will give you best training



Our best skydivers are there to teach you everything about skydiving.