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We help you
learn the parachuting
and sky diving


Learn the secrets
of flying high

We help you to fulfil your wild dream of skydiving. Whatever be your age, we have skydivers to help you. Our trainers will develop an unquenchable thirst for this adventurous sport. You will get the real fun in it.

Let us remove your fears in skydiving with the special tricks.

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becomes easier

It is another thrilling activity to fly in the open sky. Harness the power of parachute and be stable in the air. You can safely enjoy your parachuting session. A few training session with us will help you to learn it. Our instructional input will help you to do parachuting without hassle.

We assist you in improving your performance in parachuting.

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paragliding with us

Lots of young people love this recreational activity. We will make you familiar to every part of the air machinery and you will be able to master the paragliding and free flying technique. The suspended fabric wing will keep you safe.

After getting trained can do paragliding without anyone’s help.

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Kite wing-
Fly with kite

Do you love flying colorful kites? How would you feel when you are flying as a kite? We help you to get that feeling. The power of strong wind can channelize a kite-shaped machine. It is really an interesting activity.

Let us help us in operating this system.

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